About Coder

At Coder Parts and Supply LLC we have a track record of service in the engine rebuilding industry that spans over four decades.

Destined to be a second-generation employee at Kwik-Way, I was tearing down Kwik-Way equipment with my dad as early as 10 years old. In 1975 I joined the service department and continued to learn their machines from the inside out. Eventually I moved into a sales role as a manufacturer's rep for Kwik-Way Products buying and rebuilding used customer machinery for recondition and resale.

In late 2013, Kwik-Way ceased production of the portable boring bar line. A few months later, we established Coder Parts and Supply to acquire the remaining inventory of Kwik-Way boring bar replacement parts and the exclusive rights to manufacture OEM parts.

We offer quality parts, fast service, and expert technical support so that our customers can remain profitable. We understand that when your equipment is down, you AND your customers need immediate service. Coder Parts and Supply is a service-oriented company; we strive to have the parts you need on the shelf when you need them. Same-day shipping is available in most cases and we can walk you through virtually any Kwik-Way boring bar repair.

In addition to Kwik-Way replacement parts, for your convenience we also offer new and used engine rebuilding equipment and shop supplies. Thanks for stopping by - we look forward to speaking with you about your shop and machinery needs.

-Craig Coder